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The Supervisor Max is the ultimate lightweight, compact tunnel trap. With all the features of the DRAT, the Supervisor max introduces new levels of safety and security with its long tunnel-inspired shroud and safety latch. It allows the trap to be placed anywhere with confidence.

The trap mechanism delivers maximum effectiveness, safety, ease and speed of operation.  Engineered to deliver results and unrivalled safety, It is the only trap which offers a hands clear safety reset lever and sensitivity adjustment to allow for both rats and mice to be caught in the same trap.

Lightweight, easy to clean and with a variety of fixing options, the Supervisor max is removes the need for wooden trap tunnels.  Available in unobtrusive grey, the trap is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and requires no toxins.  Perfect for living spaces, commercial kitchens, sheds, around compost heaps. Trapping is no longer an arduous task – the Supervisor Max can be cleared, rebaited and re-set in seconds. 

The Supervisor Max trap has met NAWAC’s humane trap testing guidelines.

  • Hands clear safety set lever
  • Catches both rats & mice
  • Safety lock – prevents access inside trap while set for complete security of pets and children.
  • Versatile & easy to move, easy to clean
  • Suitable for all ages & capabilities in urban & rural environments, and professional trappers.
  • Maintenance free – trap retains strength & performs 100% its entire service life
  • Maximum durability – high quality components – stainless steel, uv stabilized polymers. Parts recyclable at end of product life.
  • Engineered for a 10+ year service life, provided with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee
  • 100% designed, manufactured & assembled in New Zealand

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