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Envirotools New Zealand made rat trap and possum trap designs are for the modern user. 

The range of trapping products has been engineered to deliver results and unrivalled ease of use. Safe and time efficient, each trap takes only seconds to clear and reset. These tools enable people of all ages and levels of ability to keep their environment pest free and make a meaningful contribution to protecting New Zealand’s native ecosystems.

All products are 100% designed, manufactured, and assembled in New Zealand. They have a long service life and come with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

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“A couple of weeks before lockdown you sent me samples of the Drat and the Flipping Trap, plan was to introduce them to my pest control community group in the Coromandel. I had a demo day arranged for the weekend we went into lockdown.

Rather than have these traps sitting in a box I set them up on our rural property during lockdown, 86 possums 40 rats and 6 mice later I'm sold on them, my brother has had huge success with 80 rats in just a handful of Drat traps.” (with 5x Flipping Timmy & 5x D-Rat traps)

Alan, Huntly

“They are the best traps I have ever had. They are so efficient. I have caught rats and mice. Years past I have used bait and then the rats chewed through water pipes seeking water and that caused such damage leaking in the walls, and they even chewed and caused leaks in the main water pipe from the tank.  Grateful thanks to the designers and manufacturers.”

Christine, Wellington

 "I had surprising success with D-Rats in my small bush block and around the property.  I added Flippy Timmy's with similar success. The big thing about Envirotools gear is that it's easy to use (as well as deadly)which makes doing the rounds quicker....and fun actually. I am certainly recommending the traps to friends and my rural clients who have an interest in stepping up the protection in their bush blocks" 

Robbie, Waikato

“1hr and the possum was caught. Thankyou. 1hr after setting the trap, I got the big boy. Trap was mounted to ply and put in the garage, honestly did not expect a possum this large.”

Jay, Te Atatu peninsula

“My wife met your team when you handed out the traps at the Maungakiekie Songbird event at One Tree Hill in October.  I recently moved our trap onto our plum tree and have had one possum caught each night for the past three nights!”

Russell, Auckland