Our Story

We are a family business passionate about protecting New Zealands native species.

Our team are problem solvers, farmers, engineers & conservationists.

After many years spending our free time on pest control in the Aorangi’s - we recognized to better utilize our time we needed to upgrade the tool box.  We took on the challenge of trialling, testing and developing the best results-focussed traps & trapping systems. 

Envirotools traps are made by locals for locals.

Our range of traps are user friendly, humane and deliver results.  All products use the highest quality materials and are 100% designed, engineered, and manufactured in New Zealand.  We have a great network of kiwi manufacturers that we work with and want to do what we can to ensure our local capability is supported & expanded on in the future.

Our systems are easy for people of all ages and abilities to control pests anywhere - from roof spaces to mountain ranges - all while encouraging a deeper understanding and appreciation of the environment and outdoors.  By having a results focused system you know exactly where things stand and can clearly see the benefit you are making to your surrounding natives.

A key motivation for producing Envirotools trapping systems was to bring others along on our journey.  Our tools are designed to enable anyone to keep their environment pest free and make a meaningful contribution to protecting New Zealand’s native ecosystems.    

“One of the most rewarding things has been seeing how young people enjoy interacting with our trapping systems.  It taps into our ’hunter gatherer’ mentality and sparks interest in practical tools and the environment.  It’s vital we empower all generations to be part of the journey."