Urban Pack

Urban Pack

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This complete system of three traps and instructions is proven to effectively remove rodents from in and around the home and then easily maintain a pest-free environment.     

The Rat Hatch controls the ceiling space.  This is the No.1 real estate and breeding location for rats & mice and a priority to keep clear.

 The Supervisor Max is designed to sit on the flat for use inside or outside. It is very successful at controlling the key area around compost bins. The internal safety lock feature ensures the trap cannot be accessed when set - making it extra safe for use around pets and children. 

 The D-Rat is very versatile. It can be easily re-positioned to manage hotspots like your hot water cupboard, shed or mounted vertically on a tree or fence. 

Envirotools traps have been optimised to deliver maximum effectiveness and ease of use: 

  • The hands-free reset lever makes them quick, safe and easy for anyone to operate
  • The mouse mode selector allows you to clear the full rodent population.
  • The traps remove the need for toxins in and around the home and are simply baited with peanut butter. 

All our traps are 100% designed and manufactured in NZ. They are maintenance free and have a service life of more than 10 years. They come with a full five-year warrantee.

The Urban Pack offers a comprehensive yet simple low-cost solution for individual households and, when used across an area, the opportunity to create pest-free communities.

Urban Pack:

1x D-RAT– Multi-Rodent Trap

1x RAT HATCH – Multi-Rodent Ceiling Trap

1x SUPERVISOR MAX – Multi-Rodent Trap

1x TERRA DON – Multi-Tool

1x Bait Sample


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