Supervisor - Multi-rodent trap

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The Supervisor is the snap trap redesigned for optimum safety, effectiveness and speed of operation.  Additional features have been added to the classic D-Rat trap mechanism – a lengthened shroud and safety lock - to produce a trap more suited to areas with high wind, high traffic or high possum numbers.  Envirotools produce the only rodent trap that offers a hands clear safety reset lever and sensitivity adjustment to allow for both rats and mice to be caught in the same trap.

Lightweight and easy to clean, this durable trap is suitable for the house and garden as well as extreme outdoor environments. The traps require no toxins and come with a variety of fixing options.  Trapping is no longer an arduous task – the trap can be cleared, rebaited and re-set in seconds. 

The D-Rat trap as part of the Lumber Jack combination has been independantly tested and passed the NAWAC humane trap testing guidelines.

  • Extended shroud enables high sensitivity ‘mouse mode’ to be used even in high wind and exposed areas
  • Safety lock – restricts access inside the trap when set
  • Hands clear safety set lever
  • Catches both rats & mice
  • Versatile & easy to move, ergonomic vertical set, easy to clean, highly visible, perfect for trap lines
  • Suitable for all ages & capabilities in urban & rural environments, and professional trappers.
  • Maintenance free – trap retains strength & performs 100% its entire service life
  • Maximum durability – high quality components – stainless steel, UV stabilized polymers and all parts recyclable at end of product life.
  • Engineered for a 10+ year service life, provided with a 5 year manufacturers warranty
  • 100% designed, manufactured & assembled in New Zealand

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