Why Choose Envirotools Traps?

Envirotools rat, mouse and possum traps deliver best results and are safe & easy to use
They are DOC Approved preferred tools for volunteers and community groups - popular due to their safety features and effectiveness.  

See  DOC  trapping guide 

  • DESIGNED FROM EXPERIENCE The range has been developed over many years to effectively target specific pest hot spots & requirements. e.g. roof space, chook houses, shed rafters, inside/outside, trap lines.
  • QUICK, SAFE & EASY (for anyone) TO USE Traps take SECONDS to clear & reset. Features include - Hands-free dispatch/re-set lever, shroud safety lock.
  • RESULTS FOCUSSED Optimised design & increased strength and sensitivity of springs to ensure full population is caught. Both rat/mouse and possum traps have sensitivity adjustment feature.
  • DURABLE All stainless metal components, UV stabilized Polymers. Designed to last in extreme outdoor conditions. 5yr manufacturers warranty.
  • TOXIN FREE & HUMANE Safe for use around animals & stock.  NAWAC approved
  • 100% NZ MADE QUALITY Supports a wide network of NZ manufacturers
Envirotools rat, mouse and possum traps allow you to keep your place pest free with EASE.  Toxin-free, these are trapping tools which will keep on delivering at 100% their entire service life.