How to guide: Using the D-Rat range in the bush

Here is a bit of clarity on how to best use our D-Rat Range of traps in the outdoors and on trap lines.

We are advocates for tree trapping, the Ship rat R. Rattus is the most abundant and destructive species in NZ bush has been proven to spend 70 - 80% of its life up in the canopy. It makes sense when you realize that cats and stoats are constantly prowling the ground for a rat’s scent/ a quick meal. An advantage for the rat is its size and nimbleness that allows them to escape these predators by climbing skinny branches that the predators are too heavy and clumsy to pursue. With this, and many food sources held in our forest canopy, its a no brainer that this is a rats preferred habitat. Putting a trap where the rodents feel at ease only makes sense, another warning sign taken away.

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