Envirotools D-Rat Range - the best rat and mouse traps

Envirotools D-Rat Multi-rodent range have designed to be the most effective rat and mouse trap on the market. These are tools have been developed over many years to be the quickest, easiest and most effective way to clear and stay clear of rodents. 

The 100% NZ made traps have a number of unique optimisations


Hands-free Reset Lever - Provides safe, quick, hands clear operation.  Safe and easy for all ages & abilities.  Hygienic as no handling of catch is required.

Fine Set lever - Easy, hands-clear sensitivity adjustment.  One solution for catching both rats & mice. Enables controlled un-set of trap.

Safety Lock feature - (Supervisor/Supermax) locks shroud when trap is set for added security for use around pets, children, or areas with high possum interaction.

Highest quality UV stabilized Polymers -Lightweight, easy clean, highly visible shroud, optimised entry for humane kill, recyclable at end of life.

All Stainless Steel metal components - Maintenance free, performs 100% entire service life. Strongest springs of any snap trap, guaranteed quick humane kill. NAWAC approved.

Multiple fixing options Supplied clip mount & cable tie options, or directly screw through holes in base

Highly cost effective - Simply baited with crunchy peanut butter (& a drop of vanilla) and with a long service life - the traps are a smart investment, they will continue catching again and again.

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