Timms Conversion Kit

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Our user-friendly conversion enables your traditional Timms trap to be set vertically.   This enhances the safety, cleanliness and effectiveness  of trap operation, it requires no handling of the catch.  Great for bush fringes, the farm or guarding an orchard from intruders - the Timms conversion makes makes possum control time efficient, with no bending over required.

Designed for people who have conservation passion, but have busy lives.


  • Vertical set. No more bending over.
  • Catch is held off the ground so it stays hygienic even if left uncleared
  • Quick reset time. Trap can be cleared, re-baited and set in seconds
  • Proven trap mechanical system optimized
  • Durable materials made in New Zealand and engineered for our conditions
  • This conversion can be fitted to a new trap or give an old trap a new lease of life.


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Baiting Timms conversion
Timms conversion
Possums in the Wild